In the same parking lot as Wally’s you’ll find some amazing photo opportunities, so make sure to take some pictures and explore the sights before you go!

Mayberry Courthouse and Jail

Visit our Mayberry courthouse and jail replica and lock your loved ones up in Otis’ cell! Or sit behind Andy’s desk and feel free to take as many photos as you want.

Mayberry Union High
Come stand in front of Mayberry Union High!


Foley’s Market & The Mayberry Hotel

Stand in front of Foley’s Market and the Mayberry Hotel.

Gomer & Goober’s Tow Truck

Don’t forget to visit Emmitt’s Fix it Shop!


The Darlin’s Truck

Take a gander at the Darlin’s truck!

The Darlin’s Cabin

Sit on the front porch of the replica of “Darlin’s Cabin.”

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